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About us

We are small team from Beal City, a rural community slightly north east of Mount Pleasant. We were established in 2016 and since our first FRC season, not only has our roster grown, but our school has added added FIRST teams at all levels Pre-K through FRC.

Contact Information

Coach: Kathleen Rau


Coach: Stacey Fox


What's new


Brainstorming Ideas After Kickoff

Programmers working hard on their source code. 

We are working on a number of projects for this season's game. Our build team is focusing on arm design, lift design, and chassis build. Our programmers are working on code for the various tasks and attempting to learn to program for vision. Our marketing team is hard at work putting together bulletin boards, buttons, and posting on our social media pages. 

Our bulletin board is a work in progress....

The builders decided to go with a tank drive system for this season's game. 


2022 Season Highlights


Career Fair at the State Competition, Building Life Skills! 


Driver Grant Hall headed into the

Alliance Selection at Walled Lake 


Headed to Saginaw Valley for the State  Competition! 


Gadget Agents Coaches and Team Members helping team 9581 rebuild their ball intake.


Thank You to Our AMAzing Sponsors! 


Mark and Kim Hall

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